Save Our Schools

Salupongan International is a member of the Save Our Schools Network. The network provides advocacy and services to community schools that are recognized by the Department of Education Indigenous People’s Education Office (IPSEO).   They uphold these schools’ programs that instill cultural heritage and pride to protect their culture and ancestral land against the encroachment of multinational investments and instead promote a sustainable, community-based development program. 

Today, around 50 schools ran by religious and non-government organizations that are serving thousands of indigenous children in five provinces in Southern Mindanao are hampered by constant military occupation and imposition of bureaucratic requirements. 

These problems reflect the need to protect and uphold the rights of indigenous children to education, to dialogue with education and public officials in the need to enforce laws protecting schools and children, and to take part in forming the future of these children.

Today, thousands of students and families have been negatively impacted by militarization forcibly displaced from their ancestral lands to seek sanctuary and safety in urban shelters throughout Mindanao.  Many of our community partner organizations and schools have been directly affected in the Southern Mindanao Region and are temporarily residing at the United Church of Christ of the Philippines Haran sanctuary site in Davao City.  

The SOS Network and support groups help these displaced Lumads with basic health services, pyscho-social intervention and educational support for the continuation of classes within the evacuation site.  Make a donation today to help provide the displaced Lumad children and families with basic needs such as food, medicines and clothes. 

SI is an active member of the SOS Network and works on bringing the SOS campaign advocacies to the international community.  For more information about the SOS Network and current campaign advocacies please visit