Salupongan International (SI) is a non-stock, non-profit organization dedicated to the unity and empowerment of marginalized indigenous, Moro and rural communities in Southern Philippines. We combine social services, campaign advocacy and local and global support to help meet the basic needs and human rights of the respective communities we serve.



We envision a future where local and global communities unite in solidarity to serve the interests and needs of marginalized peoples through the empowerment of grassroots communities around the world for social justice, food security and ecological justice, peace and human rights, human dignity, genuine democracy and freedom from exploitation.



Build an international solidarity network of mutual cooperation and support that fosters people to people relationships to:

• Advocate for the indigenous peoples’ aspirations in their right to self-determination and protection of their ancestral lands.

• Develop moral and material support for social services such as community based schools and educational programs, health programs and clinics, sustainable agriculture programs, potable water systems, and other community development services.

• Engage in various platforms and arenas of national and international (policy) advocacy bodies to mobilize global support for local issues and concerns.

• Facilitate solidarity exchange programs and humanitarian missions that enable community partners to forge deeper solidarity through the learning and sharing of experiences, culture, knowledge, skills and resources for the benefit and development of their respective communities.