“Mindanaw” written by Tunog Bobongan and music written and arranged by veteran Pinoy musician Onie Badiang of Yano and Asin, is a song that talks about the richness of Mindanao and the importance of preserving the land where the Lumad communities are located, because to preserve the land is to preserve not only the lives of the Lumads but our lives as well, as these lands hold the rich mineral and other natural resources that will sustain our livelihood as a people, as a country.

Headed by veteran musicians such as Gary Granada, Popong Landero, the Tres Marias composed of Lolita Carbon, Bayang Barrios and Cookie Chua, Maan Chua, Pol Torrente, Brownman Revival and hip-hop artists Blkd and Gloc-9, with the special participation of kudlong players from the Manobo communities from Talaingod and Bukidnon, and the voice and speech of one of the fiercest woman chieftain Bai Bibiyaon Bigkay from the Manobo, Talaingod community; and directed by activist-film maker King Catoy, “Mindanaw” calls on us to pledge our commitment to defend Mindanao as the last frontier, against development aggression and extractive mining.



Today, the Lumad (indigenous) people of Mindanao are collectively fighting to defend their right to land and life.  They are struggling to protect the last remaining fertile forests, rivers, mountains and educating the next generation to continue this legacy. 

Yet, their ancestral lands, environment and culture are in grave danger. Threatened by destructive large scale-mining, logging and plantation corporations that destroy and exploit the environment and the indigenous way of life.  

Thousands have been internally displaced escaping the brutal reality of human rights violations such as murder, rape and strafing committed by military and paramilitary forces.  Children and families traumatized by constant occupation and attack on their indigenous schools and communities. 

This crisis has forced thousands to flee from their own communities in the countryside to seek sanctuary at evacuation centers in the city.  The majority of those affected are Lumad children and women.  

Lumad leaders and supporters demand the immediate end to militarization and development aggression in their ancestral lands.  Stop the attacks on their schools, people and communities and support the people’s resistance to militarization and environmental plunder. 


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