Join our Salupongan International team! We are a volunteer based grassroots solidarity network of organizations, institutions and individuals dedicated to the empowerment of marginalized rural communities in southern Philippines.

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Help spread awareness and educate your local community about the indigenous people's struggle for education and protection of their ancestral lands in Mindanao.  Teach a workshop, show a film screening, organize a fundraiser with your organization, workplace, church, school or community.




Defend indigenous people’s rights to self-determination, protection of ancestral lands, basic social services and self-determined development. Help advocate and support legislation and policies that genuinely protect their collective well being against militarization, extractive industries and aggressive development projects.



Monetary donations empower rural and indigenous communities with the material resources needed to receive a quality education, basic healthcare, sustainable agriculture and food security projects, potable water systems and other needed community development programs. 



Visit and experience the unique everyday life of rural and indigenous communities in Mindanao. Live with indigenous families, listen to their stories, help farm their ancestral lands, sit in the indigenous schools and learn about their culture and legacy of Salugpongan. Participate in a community medical mission, share your skills and talents with the students and teachers or help sustain a community development project.